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2013 Limestone District School Board Director's Annual Report
LDSB Marathon Club. Final run at Caraco Field, Kingston.LDSB elementary mathletes.Culinary ArtsSkills competition. Photo credit: Julie McKay - Kingston Whig Standard.Land O' Lakes P.S. elementary students working on math problems.LaSalle SS students using tablets to access interactive seminar.Sydenham P.S. Kindergarten students using large letters to spell out words.2015-2016 LDSB student achievers.LaSalle OFSAA Gold Medal Women's Ski Team.GREC Forestry Program, safety briefing for tree trimming.Gould Lake Outdoor Educatoin Centre. Winter program, cooking food on campfire.FSS Girls' Rugby Team.Ecole Sir John A Macdonald P.S. kindergaren students on playground bus climber.Loughborough P.S. student working on tablet.

Welcome to the 2015-2016 Director's Annual Report

The Director's Annual Report for 2015-2016 provides a snapshot of the accomplishments of students and staff across our district, as well as our collective contributions to public education.

The report highlights are organized according to the strategic goals set out in our multi-year Strategic Plan - Success for All: 2009-2015: Improving Student Achievement; Ensuring Equity, Inclusion & Well Being; and Enhancing Engagement, Accountability & Sustainability. The year-end report outlines the progress we have made over the 2015-2016 school year to meet our three strategic goals.

Our Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Improve Student AchievementGraphic highlighting the Limestone District School Board's three strategic goals.

In this section, we outline how we are committed to improving the overall achievement, and closing the achievement gap, for all students in every school. Our Board and all staff share the responsibility to model lifelong learning, teamwork, leadership and continuous improvement to help all students reach their full potential. Here, you will find information about language and mathematical literacy, early learning programs and professional development for staff.

Goal 2: Ensure Equity, Inclusion & Well Being

In this section, we focus on how we are committed to providing safe, healthy and caring learning and working environments that are respectful, inclusive and welcoming for everyone. Here, you will find information about safe and healthy schools, student supports, and mental health and wellness initiatives.

Goal 3: Enhance Engagement, Accountability & Sustainability

In this section, we demonstrate how we are committed to promoting, enhancing and leading the development of positive collaborations with all of our partners. Our Board operations must align to support the success of all students and ensure the efficient and effective use of all resources while preparing for an economically and environmentally sustainable future. Here, you will find information on operations, infrastructure, environmental initiatives and communication.

Statistical Data

In this section, we report on Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) achievement results, budget, enrolment and staffing numbers.

Our Mission & Statement of Beliefs

Our mission is to prepare students wihin safe and inclusive environments to embrace a changing world as lifelong learners and informed, responsible citizens.

We believe that...   
our students are our reason for being.
our students include adult learners.
every student can learn and experience success.
it is the purpose of the schools to maximize each student's potential for and enjoyment of lifelong learning.
We believe that...
every staff member is valuable and essential to fostering quality public education.
all staff members endeavour to maintain a work environment that respects each persons' integrity, dignity and individual contribution.
the Board and staff share in the responsibility to model teamwork, continuous improvement and professional development.
We believe that...
public education is a shared responsibility.
the Ministry of Education is responsible for providing appropriate funding for a quality education program.
our parents, community and businesses will enthusiastically support public education.
partnerships will enhance and improve the quality of education, including support for program innovation.
our schools reflect and honour society's common goals and enrich them by encouraging diversity.
We believe that...  
our trustees, our director and our staff are accountable to the community for providing quality education to all students.
in partnership with parents, students and the community, we have the responsibility to provide a positive, safe and inviting learning environment.
our resources should be committed to ensure that our strategic initiatives and expectations are met.